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Innovative Vending Machines

Smoothies, Protein Shakes, Cocktails

Smoothie Vending Machine, Protein Shake Vending Machine, Cocktail Vending Machine
Protein Shakes

Unleash Profits, Revolutionize Beverages

Become an Innovative Vending Distributor


bustling gyms teeming with customers craving protein shakes. Schools buzzing with students grabbing healthy fruit smoothies on the go. Nightclubs pulsating with energy as partygoers sip on custom cocktails.

Innovative Vending makes this a reality. We offer a revolutionary range of self-contained, automated machines that dispense freshly blended smoothies, protein shakes, and even delicious cocktails, on-demand.

Become an Innovative Vending Distributor and unlock a world of opportunity:

Nightclubs, Casinos, Cruises
Office Buildings
Gyms, Sport Venues
Universities, Colleges, Schools
  • High Profit Margins: Our machines consistently outperform traditional vending options, offering substantial profit potential for distributors and operators.


  • Exclusive Territories: Secure your own territory and maximize your earnings with exclusive distribution rights.


  • Growing Market Demand: The demand for healthy and convenient beverage solutions is exploding. Be at the forefront of this lucrative trend.


  • Minimal Overhead: Our machines require no plumbing, only a standard electric socket, making installation and operation a breeze.


  • Variety of Applications: Cater to a diverse range of markets, from gyms and schools to offices, hospitals, airports, and even nightclubs and music festivals.


Our Machines:

  • FreshSmoothie: The industry's first self-contained smoothie machine, crafting fresh and delicious smoothies from real fruit puree. Ideal for gyms, schools, and health-conscious locations.

  • MultiBlend 360: A versatile powerhouse, making not only smoothies but also protein shakes and cocktails using convenient powder ingredients. Perfect for gyms, sports venues, and nightclubs.


  • CocktailMaster: The ultimate party starter, whipping up a variety of classic cocktails with pre-mixed liquid ingredients. A hit at nightclubs, music festivals, and casinos.

Ready to join the revolution?

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