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Cocktail Vending Machine

From Daiquiris to Margaritas  - Delicious Cocktails in Seconds

Beyond the Bartender: Perfect Cocktail On-Demand

Cocktail Vending Machine

State of the Art User Interface

Forget waiting in line or shaking messy mixtures! Innovative Vending brings the spirit of the party directly to you, crafting fresh, delicious cocktails in seconds with our cutting-edge Cocktail Vending Machines. It's your personal mixologist on demand, ready to shake up your next celebration or everyday escape.
From classic daiquiris and spicy margaritas to tropical piña coladas and beyond, our machines offer a diverse menu of delectable libations. Choose your favorite, customize with premium ingredients, and siphon off the perfect blend for any occasion.

Beyond the Cocktail Classics

Go beyond margaritas and daiquiris. Our cocktail vending machines offer a world of flavour possibilities, from exotic frozen rosés to refreshing piña coladas. Choose your perfect blend, customize with extra shots, and experience the ultimate cocktail convenience.

  • Freshly mixed: Ditch the pre-bottled and embrace the taste of real ingredients.

  • Customizable: Choose your spirit and fruit mixes for a truly personalized cocktail.

  • Effortless convenience: No waiting, no mess, just pure mixology magic at your fingertips.

  • Premium ingredients: The finest selection of fruits, picked fresh and ripe straight from the farm.

Success Story


Our commitment to fresh, delicious beverages has resonated with customers across the US and Canada. Our partnership with BleniBlends, who famously landed their own deal on Season 14, Episode 18 of Shark Tank with our Smoothie Vending Machine, is a testament to our shared passion for innovation and convenience. Together, we've seen the machine become a staple in diverse locations like gyms, offices, colleges, hospitals, and many others.

Shark Tank
Shark Tank - Season 14 Episode 18

Beyond the Bar

Our cocktail vending machines aren't just for nightclubs and casinos. They're the perfect party partners wherever you go! Bring a touch of effortless elegance to music festivals and cruise ship decks. Impress your customers with unbeatable convenience and premium cocktails crafted on demand.

  • Nightclubs: Keep the party flowing with a constant stream of custom cocktails from our vending machines.

  • Casinos: Hit the jackpot of flavour with our quick and delicious drink options.

  • Music festivals: Beat the heat and the lines with a refreshing cocktail in seconds.

  • Cruises: Sip your way through paradise with a tropical concoction from our machines.

  • Nightclubs

  • Casinos

  • Music Festivals

  • Cruises

Features and Capabilities

Protein Shakes
Cocktail Vending Machine
  • Self-cleaning

  • Fully Automated

  • Self-contained

  • Up to 11 Ingredients

  • Puree or Powder ingredients

  • 32" Touchscreen

  • Cloud Monitoring

  • Video Advertising Revenue

  • Multilingual

  • Cup, Straw and Lid Dispenser

  • 12oz and 16oz Cup size

  • Custom Wrap and User Interface

  • Custom Electrical Requirements

  • Electrical and Food Safety Certifications

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