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From Smoothies to Cocktails

How Innovative Vending is Redefining Beverage Convenience


In 2015, the vending machine landscape shifted. Innovative Vending, with our ground-breaking FreshSmoothie machine launched in Australia, introduced a revolutionary concept: freshly blended smoothies, dispensed on-demand. We weren't just offering convenience for busy college students, office workers, or travellers; we were reimagining the entire beverage experience, bringing fresh, delicious possibilities to places like schools, hospitals, and beyond.

Our Journey to Innovation

  • 2018: Global recognition fuelled our expansion with a manufacturing plant in Zhongshan, China; ensuring consistent quality and meeting the burgeoning demand for our machines.

  • 2019: Our collaboration with BleniBlends, granting them exclusive US distribution rights for FreshSmoothie, solidified our brand's growing trust and impact.

  • 2020: In a major step forward, we established our manufacturing plant in Shenyang, China; in a commitment to delivering consistent quality and scaling up production to meet the our demand.

  • 2022: CocktailPro was developed to captivate crowds at nightclubs, music festivals, casinos and cruise ships with instant cocktails.

  • 2023: MultiBlend 360, a protein powerhouse for gyms and sports venues, joined the family, offering versatile powder blends for smoothies and even cocktails.

Innovative Vending Timeline

Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

Our pursuit of innovation is relentless and defines who we are. Patented technology, a diverse product range, and steadfast dedication to quality, efficiency, and reliability distinguish us in our field. This commitment ensures we consistently deliver superior solutions to our clients.

Beyond Machines, Empowering Businesses

We're not just about machines; we're about empowering businesses. Our solutions go beyond delighting consumers with high-quality drinks. We offer:

  • Increased profit potential: Our machines consistently generate significant revenue.

  • Operational efficiency: Remote monitoring and self-cleaning features minimize management burden.

  • Unmatched versatility: Cater to diverse locations and clientele with our extensive product range.

Core Values Guiding Our Vision

  • Innovation: We relentlessly push boundaries, constantly seeking new ways to elevate the vending experience.

  • Sustainability: We're conscious of our environmental footprint and develop responsible solutions.

  • Quality: Uncompromising in our standards, ensuring exceptional performance and taste in every drink.

  • Customer-centric: Understanding and exceeding your needs is our core mission.

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