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Do you dream of building a thriving business? Partner with Innovative Vending, the global leader manufacturer of self-contained Smoothie Vending Machines, Protein Shake Vending Machines and Cocktail Vending Machines.

BleniBlends - USA


Inspiring Success Story

BleniBlends, our pioneering distributor in the USA, exemplifies the incredible potential of partnering with Innovative Vending. 

Their success story includes installations in dynamic environments such as gyms, universities, hospitals, and airports. Remarkably, they have also made significant strides into prestigious aerospace agencies like NASA, showcasing our commitment to quality and innovation in all professional realms.

Shark Tank Sensation

BleniBlends' dedication to innovation didn't go unnoticed. Their passionate pitch featuring the FreshSmoothie on Shark Tank, Season 14, Episode 18, captivated viewers and investors alike. This international spotlight solidified BleniBlends' position as a leader in the health and convenience space.

Shark Tank
Shark Tank - Season 14 Episode 18

Visit BleniBlends

Learn more about BleniBlends and their journey with Innovative Vending's FreshSmoothie machines. Visit their website to explore their success stories, locations, and more.


Beyond Fruit Smoothies

Our innovative machines extend far beyond just fruit smoothies. We offer:

  • Protein Shake Vending Machine: Fuel workout recovery with protein shakes blended to perfection, ideal for gyms and sports venues. ​

  • Cocktail Vending Machine: Captivate crowds at nightclubs and music festivals with custom cocktails crafted instantly, eliminating the need for bartenders. 

Exclusive Territories, Unlimited Potential

As an Innovative Vending Distributor, you'll secure exclusive territories, granting you unparalleled control and the opportunity to build a thriving business within your region. Enjoy:


  • High Profit Margins: Our machines outperform traditional vending options, generating substantial revenue for distributors.


  • Soaring Demand: The hunger for healthy and convenient beverage solutions is exploding, creating a lucrative market for you to tap into.

  • Effortless Operation: Our machines require minimal maintenance and are designed for ease of use, freeing you to focus on growth.

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