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Unleash Beverage Innovation

Fresh Smoothies, Powerful Protein Shakes, Electrifying Cocktails

Discover a revolutionary approach to beverage convenience with our self-contained machines that dispense delicious frozen drinks on-demand. Whether you crave fresh fruit smoothies, protein-packed shakes, or vibrant cocktails, we have the perfect machine to suit your needs.

State-of-the Art Technology

The only self-contained vending machines capable of making to-order frozen drinks.

Highly Profitable

Our machines significantly outperform traditional vending machines in daily sales.

Advanced Cloud Service

Remote monitoring capabilities, from stock management to sales analytics.


Any type of ingredients, either in puree, liquid or powder form.


Operable in any location with just a standard electric outlet.

Efficient Operation

Self-cleaning system and designed for quick restocking and service.


User-friendly and completely customizable, from on-screen images to external wrapping.

Unparallel Support

We are dedicated to ensuring the success of our distributors at every step of their journey

FreshSmoothie: Your Gateway to Freshness

Puree Ingredients

Craft vibrant, real-fruit smoothies in less than a minute! Ideal for health-conscious locations like gyms, schools, and hospitals.

Pre-portioned puree packs ensure consistent quality and flavor. No mess, no fuss, just fresh taste in every cup

Advanced touchscreen with customizable recipe options. Cater to diverse preferences with personalized fruit combinations, perfect for offices and airports too!

Sleek design and compact footprint. Fits seamlessly into any environment, from bustling cruise ships to quiet hospitals.

Smoothie Vending Machine

MultiBlend 360: The Powder Powerhouse

Powder Ingredients

Fuel your fitness with protein shakes blended to perfection. Perfect for gyms, sports venues, and fitness centers

Versatility unleashed. Go beyond protein shakes! Craft delicious cocktails and smoothies using our wide variety of powder blends – Our Ingredients

Self-cleaning system. Ensures consistent taste and quality in every drink, ideal for high-traffic locations like airports and sporting venues.

Real-time inventory and performance monitoring. Stay informed and optimize your business remotely, perfect for managing machines across multiple locations like casinos and music festivals.

Protein Shake Vending Machine

CocktailMaster: The Nightlife Rockstar 

Liquid Ingredients

Elevate the party. Impress your guests with custom cocktails, crafted instantly and flawlessly. Captivate crowds at nightclubs, music festivals, and casinos

Consistency guaranteed with liquid cocktail ingredients measured to perfection. No bartenders needed, just consistent perfection in every glass, perfect for busy nightclubs and casinos.

Dazzling touchscreen display adds excitement to the atmosphere. Let the machine be the star of the show, attracting customers at music festivals and cruise ships.

Wide range of classic and signature cocktail options. Keep the party flowing with endless variety, from margaritas and daiquiris to unique creations, ideal for any nightlife venue.

Cocktail Vending Machine

Our Machines in Action

See the Smoothie Magic Unfold

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