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Protein Shake Vending Machine

Beyond the Gym: Delicious & Nutritious Protein Shakes Anywhere

Upgrade Your Workout with Customized Protein Shakes

Forget messy powders and embrace the convenience of a freshly blended protein shake, tailor-made to your taste and fitness goals. Innovative Vending's Protein Shake Vending Machines offer a variety of delicious blends packed with high-quality protein, making it easy to fuel your body before, during, or after your workout. Ditch the gym bag hassle and grab your perfect blend on the go, no matter where you are – universities, offices, airports, even cruise ship decks! Find your next fitness companion with Innovative Vending's Protein Shake Vending Machines.

Protein Shake Vending Machine

State of the Art User Interface

Beyond the Protein

We're not just talking about protein shakes here. Our machines redefine beverage possibilities with an array of healthy and delectable blends:

  • Classic fruit blends: Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, perfect for a refreshing boost.

  • Green smoothies: Add veggies to your day for a nutrient-rich power punch.

  • Protein shakes: Fuel your workout or post-work routine with a protein-packed blend.

  • Coffee & chocolate frappes: Indulge in creamy, decadent frozen treats for a sweet, caffeinated pick-me-up.

  • Milkshakes in a variety of flavours to satisfy your cravings!

Success Story


Our commitment to fresh, delicious beverages has resonated with customers across the US and Canada. Our partnership with BleniBlends, who famously landed their own deal on Season 14, Episode 18 of Shark Tank with our Smoothie Vending Machine, is a testament to our shared passion for innovation and convenience. Together, we've seen the machine become a staple in diverse locations like gyms, offices, colleges, hospitals, and many others.

Shark Tank
Shark Tank - Season 14 Episode 18

Beyond the Gym

Fuel your day wherever you go! Innovative Vending machines bring convenient protein shakes to offices, schools, hospitals, sports venues and many other locations. Whether you're crushing a workout, conquering a deadline, or tackling a busy day, our machines are ready to refuel your body and spirit.

  • Universities

  • Office buildings

  • Shopping malls

  • Airports

  • Schools

  • Gyms

  • Sport venues

  • Cruise ships

  • Resorts

  • Hospitals

Features and Capabilities

Protein Shakes
Protein Shake Vending Machine
  • Self-cleaning

  • Fully Automated

  • Self-contained

  • Up to 11 Ingredients

  • Puree or Powder ingredients

  • 32" Touchscreen

  • Cloud Monitoring

  • Video Advertising Revenue

  • Multilingual

  • Cup, Straw and Lid Dispenser

  • 12oz and 16oz Cup size

  • Custom Wrap and User Interface

  • Custom Electrical Requirements

  • Electrical and Food Safety Certifications

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